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Raise The Bar

Smartsource ‘s unique “Raise The Bar” programme was designed and developed from the outset to help organisations and their staff become more effective.

Smartsource aim to increase your business outputs and outcomes by 5 – 10% across the organisation. The RTB programme can be built into transition plans or be delivered as part of an annual efficiency programme. Smartsource work with Directors and Managers to ensure the right strategic objectives and competencies are assessed across the team.

Smartsource assess the individual team members and feedback results to the management team. RTB programmes are tailored to fit in around the business. As a result he business will have a more focused and effective team after the programme.  Smartsource will also leave you with ideas for Continuous Improvement for you to implement once programme is complete but we will always be there to help you deliver.

“What Raise the Bar isn’t”

“RTB is not a talent program for a few selected individuals. It focuses on everyone in a division, department or team. It is not a replacement for training programmes nor is it designed to change your strategy or processes and technologies but it will challenge understanding and identify those that can take things forward”.

All consultants trained by Smartsource to deliver the RTB programme will have had at least 15 years industry experience which we consider to be essential to establish mutual credibility and to draw out the inevitable gaps and pinch-points which we all know exist.
It is unlikely that interviews conducted by line managers, even using a similar process, would achieve the desirable openness.

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