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Managed Outcomes

Smartsource is an advocate of the Managed Outcome model with its goals, as the name suggests, being clearly focussed on deliverables.

This is in contrast to more traditional models which tend to be focussed on a simple on day rate with the risk remaining primarily with the client as opposed to being shared with Smartsource.

Smartsource is ready to work with you from the outset to agree quantifiable and measureable deliverables, milestones and SLA’s which suit all parties.

Benefits of the Managed Outcome model

  • Clearly stated, measurable outcomes
  • Faster and more efficient management and implementation of existing and newer technologies
  • Improved IT processes
  • Reduced IT infrastructure investment
  • Gain economies of scale and expertise
  • Reduced day-to-day operational management expenses and oversight
  • Pay only on deliverables, lowering TCO and making it more predictable

“A successful transition to a Managed Outcome relationship typically yields an additional 20% to 30% savings improvement” beyond typical expectations from outsourcing technical staff. Forrester adds that other key benefits of this approach include improved service levels, better client satisfaction, and an enhanced focus on meeting business needs. (source Forrester research)